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    • Glutamine supplementation helps in muscle recovery

    What is Glutamine?

    Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid (building block of protein) in the body. Glutamine is produced in the body naturally and is also found in dairy sources like milk, cheese and poultry sources like eggs, chicken.

    Glutamine is present as an amino acid in human skeletal muscle. During recent years Glutamine has gained a lot of popularity due to its contribution to increased muscle recovery (homeostatis) after an intense training bout and muscle maintenance, as well as playing a leading role in healthy immune system function.

    Why Should I Supplement with Glutamine?

    During frequent intense training your muscle glutamine levels deplete rapidly, although Glutamine is synthesized naturally in the muscles, the depletion rate due to intense training (weight lifting, intense or long bouts of cardio) may be even higher than the synthesis rate. Continuous Glutamine depletion inhibits muscle recovery and causes weak immune system.

    If muscle gain and strength is your goal then your body should be in an optimum state to replenish glutamine stores in your muscles for active recovery and muscle maintenance, since muscle strength and size is directly affected by i) Muscle protein synthesis and ii) Reduced protein degradation.

    While glutamine levels will eventually increase naturally, this can take some time, dependant on exercise activity and diet, so supplementation can be an effective way of replenishing glutamine levels quickly. As we age, our ability to synthesise glutamine decreases.

    Ideal time to supplement with Glutamine

    Nutrient timing is probably the most important thing if you want to take full advantage of your supplements.

    Glutamine should be taken around your workout times especially if you are working out in the morning (pre/intra or post workout).  Regular supplementation can ensure that glutamine, particularly muscle glutamine, is maintained for optimum performance and recovery.

    How much should I supplement with?

    5-10 gms Glutamine is recommended for individuals who train regularly.

    How do I take it?

    Best way to take any supplement is in its natural form. Some brands offer flavored supplements but the quality and quantity of the main ingredient is largely compromised resulting in poor effectiveness.  

    Pure Glutamine has a slight pungent taste, it goes well with fruity (tangy) drink mix like Tang or GluconD (1-2 spoons) this gives an added advantage of extra energy during workouts. Glutamine can also be mixed with apple cider vinegar.